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Horschel opened its doors in January 2020 at the Untermarkt in the historic district of Görlitz and creates a restaurant that celebrates high-quality seasonal products from regional origins in a modern cuisine.
Horschel is located in the Emmerich Hotel with direct view on the market square.

Our kitchen is open Monday to Sunday 17:00-21:00.


Carefully sourced produce is at the heart of our restaurant. Many of our ingredients and seasonal products are sourced from our local suppliers. Our Menu varies seasonally and is complimented by our wine list introducing german and austrian wines.

The Story of Benigna Horschel

The Emmerich Hotel has a new tenant. Madame Horschel moves into the former town palais of Emmerich 500 years after their romantic drama caused a scandal in town. Emmerich didn't want to marry Horschel when they seemed to expect a child, instead he pilgrimaged to Jerusalem. Until today not much is known about her further life. We dreamed the following: we found a casket full of old love letters during renovations! To our surprise the story of Benigna Horschel and Georg Emmerich is rewritten with imagination and the senses of taste. It's also the tale of a woman taking her once denied place, told through her dishes and sustainable approach to food. She’s been provided a restaurant - new meeting point above the Neiße river.


We choose to use high-quality seasonal ingredients with a regional focus – ingredients and products that we are excited to work with. Our wines are from Germany and Austria.

  • Saxonian distillery Saxony for our variation of spirits. ( link )
  • Weinkulisse Görlitz. Johannes is our partner for austrian quality wines. (link)
  • Saxonian vineyard Jan Ulrich. ( link )
  • Vineyard Emrich-Schönleber. ( link )

Design and interior of Horschel was created by Christian Weise and his interior design company Ottomar.

Restaurant Horschel Zittau

Since 2021 there is Horschel in Zittau, located in the wonderful Hotel Sonne with access to three magnificent terraces. You can reserve a table here.


Direct Online
Call +49 (0) 3581 877 9844
Email reservierung@horschel-restaurant.de.

Opening Hours
Breakfast: 8.00 - 10.00 Monday - Friday 08.00 - 11.00 Saturday Sunday
Dinner: 17.00 - 22.00 Monday - Tuesday and Thursday - Sunday
Bar 17.00 - 22.00 Monday - Tuesday and Thursday - Sunday


Untermarkt 1
02826 Görlitz

Tel: + 49 (0) 3581 8779844

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